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1.4 Ofsted Notifications and Need to Know Notifications


This chapter outlines:

  1. Children Services’ actions when a copy of an Ofsted Notification is received;
  2. When Children Services’ will undertake an Ofsted Notification;
  3. The circumstances and/or events about which the Children Services Board (via the Director of Children Services) will be sent a Need to Know Notification Form (CSF3645);
  4. The Management of Need to Know Notifications.

Where an Ofsted Notification is required under both Fostering and Children’s Home Regulations or Notifications of serious child care incidents, this outlines the process to follow in terms of cross referencing with the Need to Know Notification.

This chapter is intended for all Children Service’ staff, including HCC’s Residential Children’s Homes.

Also see Death or Serious Injury to a Child.


This chapter was revised and updated in March 2016 and should be re-read in full.

The full chapter can be accessed by authorised users in the Staff Access Library