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2.1 Case Recording


HCC Children’s Service’s policy on record keeping (electronic or paper), to be read with the Retention and Destruction of Files Procedure and HCC’s Corporate ICT Acceptable Use Policy and Data Protection Policy

The responsibility for the professional regulation of social workers is with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The HCPC has issued Standards of Proficiency which also inform this guidance.

The guidance given below applies to users of all HCC’s electronic recording systems for both Safeguarding and Specialist Services (S&SS)

Click here for LCS Guidance on Case Recording.

Click here for EHM Guidance.


In September 2019, Section 5, Who is Responsible for Recording and by When now includes a link to guidance regarding Removal of Factually Inaccurate Information from Livelink. Section 6, What Should Be Recorded and How was updated to include information regarding adding a photo to the child’s LCS record. And Section 12, Case Closures includes a link to guidance in relation to adding feedback from parents and children following case closure.

The full chapter can be accessed by authorised users in the Staff Access Library