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3.5.1 Death or Serious Injury to a Child


This chapter outlines the immediate steps to be taken in the event of the suspicious death of/serious injury to a child living in the community or the death of/serious injury to any child in care (Looked After).

These steps are in addition to the carrying out of the Local Safeguarding Children Partnership Procedures in relation to the need to hold a Serious Case Review and the work of the Child Death Overview Panel, and the procedures and regulations relevant to any provider e.g. Children’s Homes, Fostering Service, Residential Schools.

This chapter should be read in conjunction with Ofsted Notifications and Need to Know Notifications.


This chapter was updated in September 2017 in line with the requirement to notify Ofsted of any serious childcare incident using the Ofsted online notification form.

The full chapter can be accessed by authorised users in the Staff Access Library