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This procedure applies to all children.

For children and young people going on holiday the Holiday Risk Assessment Form should be completed.

Further detailed guidance is currently under development.


For Children Looked After, this chapter should be read in conjunction with:

Holidays and School/Organisational Trips Within the UK Procedure

Holidays and School/Organisational Trips Abroad/Outside the UK Procedure


In September 2017, a link to the Holiday Risk Assessment Form was added to this chapter.

The general principle is that activities and trips must be planned properly and authorised by the line manager.

It is acknowledged that there is a wide variation in the type of activities undertaken with children. It is not suggested that it is always necessary to undertake detailed planning and obtain authorisation for every activity with a child, as it may not be appropriate or necessary, for example, for short trips to the shops. It will depend on the type of activity and the age, needs and number of the children involved. If in doubt, the manager must be consulted.

Residential homes, schools and the Virtual School have their own operating procedures for planning and organising outdoor activities such as educational visits, holidays or trips out, and will follow the online Offsite Visit process on the Evolve system, which provides a step by step guide to organising visits and activities.

Staff must refer to relevant corporate procedures and guidance in relation to specified activities, such as hill walking.

For further guidance and advice, contact the Offsite Visits advisor on: 01992 556491.

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