Medical Paperwork Required for Panel


This chapter was developed/entirely revised in September 2012 and should be read in full

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See: Placement for Adoption Procedure, Child's Adoption Medical

The CoramBAAF Consent Form is explicit about the information the parent is consenting to share about her/himself or the child. The Social Worker will need to be familiar with the contents of the form. The Social Worker must go through part B step by step with the parent. A copy of the completed and signed consent form must accompany forms M/B, PH, and also the IHA-C, IHA-YP, RHA-C and RHA-YP where the assessment is part of the Child /Young Person's preparation for adoption

  • This needs to be completed and signed by the birth mother in respect of obtaining information about her obstetric report and information about her health. Where child does not have the capacity to consent, mothers consent enables information on child's health to be obtained as well;
  • N.B.¬†A second consent form needs to be signed by birth father to accompany his FORM PH. If birth father not available birth mother or near relative should Complete Child's Permanence Report PH in respect of him making clear his information is second hand;
  • N.B. A separate consent form needs to be signed in respect of each child. A copy of the completed consent form should be attached to al Health Assessment forms/medical reports for looked after children and birth parents. The Consent form only needs to be completed once and then can be photocopied;
  • FORM PH for each birth parent; should be completed with the parent and the Social Worker should prompt the parent for further details if appropriate;
  • Forms M (Obstetric) and B (Neonatal) are on a single document which may be separated. Part A of each must be completed by the Social Worker A copy of the Consent Form and the covering letter explaining why the information is so important must accompany the form to the hospital, where the child was born. Include a T10 as agreement has been reached that CS pay for this report. This must be sent or taken to the Head of Midwifery in the hospital;
  • If parents refuse to sign or complete make a request via legal advisor for these Child's Permanence Reports to be completed as part of the Court process;
  • Arrange adoption medical for child with Medical Advisor / Consultant Paediatrician Community Health Doctor;
  • N.B. This medical needs to be completed within 6 months of Panel (Best Interest or Matching) for children up to 5 years and within 12 months for child aged over 5 years;
  • FORMS IHA - C - for birth to 9 years;
  • Forms IHA - YP - for 10 years and older;
  • Where updating medical required;

    FORMS RHA - C;


    FORMS RHA - YP are to be used;

  • For West:

    Dr Kirsty Saunders
    Pat Lewis Child Development Centre
    Heath Lane
    Hemel Hempstead
    HP1 1TT
    01442 230861


    Dr Paula Moore
    Associate Specialist Paediatrician
    Medical Adviser Adoption & Fostering
    East & North Herts NHS Trust
    Q66 Tewin Ward
    QE2 Hospital
    Welwyn Garden City Herts
    AL7 4HQ
  • When requesting this appointment please ensure you that you send the Child's Permanence Report IHA - C / IHA - YP with Part A completed, plus copy of consent form;
  • Also ensure name, address and telephone number of foster carer is given in covering letter so appointment can be sent to them direct. Request copy of appointment letter so Social Worker can be informed and attend medical if at all possible;
  • Arrange for Annex to FORM C to be completed by foster carer;
  • Annex to FORM C, child's red health book and previous medicals / specialist reports if relevant should be taken to medical assessing Doctor should be provided with brief social work report on the child;
  • Child, carers, Social Worker and whenever possible - and if appropriate birth parents should attend adoption medical.

For Child Under 5 Years

  • Request report from Health Visitor for Adoption Panel. Report to include full information on developmental progress, immunisations and any concerns, specialist needs. (It is useful to note date of request);
  • When FORM M (&B) returned from hospital it is sent with FORMS PHA, Annex for FORM C to Medical Advisor, Dr Watkins, for her to complete Part C;
  • FORM IHA - C / IHA - YP should have been sent direct to Medical Adviser but if returned to Social Worker copy for file and send to Dr Watkins;
  • The medical forms will be completed by Medical Adviser and returned to Social Worker;
  • Please note originals should remain on child's file and placed on Adoption file when made up;
  • Copy back Child's Permanence Report IHA - C / IHA - YP for accompanying 8 copies of Adoption Panel paperwork.

Full copies of all medical forms:

  • Health Visitor report (for child under 5 years) with all copies of Panel paperwork.