Panel Papers Required by Adoption Panels Considering Matching


This chapter was revised in March 2013 and links to the required forms added.

The following papers need to be with the Adoption Agency Administrator at least 10 working days before the Panel is due to meet.

  • 16 sets of children's permanence reports;
  • 16 sets of adopter's assessment reports; including Approval Profile Form;

    (The papers are held centrally by the Adoption Agency Administrator and will be made available to Panel by the Administrator);
  • PLUS, recent photo of the child and the adopters;
  • 16 sets of Adoption Placement Report;
  • 16 copies of the child's nursery or school report, completed or updated within the last 6 months;
  • 16 copies of written comments from the adopters regarding the proposed match (to be written either by the adopters or their social workers) including comments about child care arrangements;
  • 16 copies of the Proposed Adoption Support Plan - (Responsibility - Adopter's Social Worker);
  • 16 copies of the child/ children Adoption Panel minutes - usually held by Panel Administration (Responsibility - Adopter's Social Worker);
  • 16 copies of a summary of family finding endeavours (if appropriate);
  • 16 copies of summary of medicals (completed and updated within the last six months - child under 5 or within 12 months for a child over 5) (Responsibility - child's Social Worker);
  • 16 copies of summary medicals for the child (completed or updated within the last 12 months. (Form C) for a child up to the age of 5 or within the last 12 months (Form D) for a child over the age of 5 (Responsibility - Child's Social Worker);
  • A copy of the placement order or consent witnessed by CAFCASS, if available, the adopter's book for the child and relevant life story book for the children, plus any children participation material. This is as relevant for a relinquished baby;
  • 16 copies of CSF3975 The Matching Agreement;
  • 16 copies CSF4218 Sibling Relationship Checklist, if relevant;
  • 16 copies of CSF4161 Assessment of Child's Need for Adoption Support.

Please Note

  1. DBS checks must be completed within the last 2 years;
  2. Copies only - original documents must remain with the Operational/ Adoption Teams;
  3. The body of the Permanence and Adopters Assessment Report need to be checked to see that it is current and up-to-date. Any changes should be noted in an addendum which is dated, signed and needs to be with ht panel administrator 10 working days before the Panel date. If there are significant amendments these must be added to the body of the report;
  • Child's social worker, the manager of the child's social worker, the adopter's social worker and the family finder social worker the adopter's book about themselves, to be used to prepare the child for their new family.