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Children Missing from Education


This chapter concerns school age children who do not have a school place and for whom no alternative arrangements have been made.

It does not apply to:

  • Children who have a school place which they do not attend regularly;
  • Children who are being home educated;
  • Children who are in temporary provision such as a Pupil Referral Unit.

Click here to view the Children Missing from Education (CME) Referral form


Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership Procedures Manual, Children Who Go Missing from Home or Care, or Who are Vulnerable to Sexual Exploitation Procedure

In January 2015, revised statutory guidance was issued to Local Authorities relating to Children Missing from Education. Hertfordshire has developed local guidance for staff within the authority, from schools and from partner agencies which sets out what staff should do when a child believed to be missing from education comes to their attention.

See the Hertfordshire procedures regarding Children Missing from Education (CSF4706).

For further information, please also see the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children's Partnership Procedures Children Who Go Missing Including From School Procedure.


A link to Children Missing Education - Statutory guidance for local authorities (January 2015) was added to this chapter (above) in September 2015.

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