Introduction and Legal Expenses


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Expenses for Adopters During Introductions to their Adopted Child/Children

In the event that overnight stays are required during introduction by adopters who live some distance from Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council will pay subsistence allowance.

As of June 2004, this is:

  • For a couple - Up to £134 per night for accommodation and food;
  • For a single adopter - Up to £82 per night for accommodation and food;
  • See CSF4159 Proforma Memo Approval for Introduction expenses;
  • And CSF4160 pro forma Approval of settling in Allowance.

Legal Expenses in Relation to Adoption

If the adopter's application to adopt this child is likely to be contested by the child's birth parents(s), HCC has a system in place which will pay reasonable legal costs incurred in the adoption process, including the court fee.

The process is as follows:

  • When it has been agreed that the time is right for the adopters to apply to the court to adopt their child, they will be advised to instruct a solicitor;
  • The solicitor must then contact the adoption lawyer at the CLU (Child Care Litigation Unit) at County Hall, Hertford in order to ascertain the procedures for the payment of fees.