Placement with Family and Friends/Connected Persons (Including Regulation 24 Placements)


This chapter concerns the placement of children who are looked after by the local authority with relatives and friends/connected persons. It is located in Part 6 of the Manual which is concerned with Fostering. See Family and Friends/Connected Persons Policy and Placement Procedure (Including Regulation 24 Placements) Procedure

Separate procedures apply in respect children who are looked after and placed with parents (see Placement with Parents or Person who has, or has held Parental Responsibility Immediately Prior to Making of a Care Order or Interim Care Order Procedure).

Separate procedures apply in respect of children who, by private arrangement, are living with adults who do not have parental authority and who are not close relatives. Such children may be privately fostered (see Private Fostering Procedure).

See: LCS User Guide.


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